UPDATE: Trading Practices from Thursday 5th November 

In line with current government restrictions we will be adjusting our business practices accordingly  

We will be offering a Click and Collect service for orders placed by phone or online.

We will also be continuing to offer a contactless delivery service throughout the Colchester area.

Unfortunately we will not be able to serve you face to face at this time.

As such, our advice would be to continue calling us on 01206 843461, or place orders with us directly through this website. This presents the least risk to you and us, and as the last several weeks have shown, it does not compromise our ability to offer a quality service either.

Once again, we thank you for your support, understanding and patience during these times. Lesley and the Team at Jennifleurs.


Jennifleurs has continued trading since the beginning of the UK Lockdown beginning March 23rd. 

At all times, Jennifleurs has operated within the guidence as outlined by the UK government and relevent trade assosiations. Until May 10th when the guidence was revised, Jennifleurs staff members consisted entirely of members of the same household. Since the Prime Minister said that people should return to work where possible, staff have returned, while the retail space remains closed and has been altered into a workspace to ensure social distancing can be practiced at work. At no time have any staff displayed any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The guidance allows businesses who are able to operate over the phone and online to continue to trade where contactless delivieries are possible. Also one of the few exemptions to the restrictions are funerals, where funeral flowers are needed. As we were able to work within our isolated household and make these contactless deliveries, we have been able to operate a near-normal delivery based service since the 23rd March.

As of the week beginning 18th May, our trade assosiation obtained updated advice from the government clarifying that contactless collections were possible. Therefore from Wednesday 20th, we are able to offer collections from our store.

Throughout, fresh flower deliveries have been available three times per week. We have experienced few to no issues with sourcing quality, fresh flowers on time for our customers.

Despite the advice from the Prime Minister on 25th May that retail spaces would be able to open from 15th June, it is our intention that for the safety of our customers and staff, we will continue to operate as we have been from the 23rd March for the forseeable future, with the retail space closed. This is to allow us to use the retail areas of the shop to space out the working environment and maintain social distance between staff from different household groups.

The experience of these difficult few weeks has shown us that we can still provide they same quality service to our customers without the retail space being open. Therefore, until the situation is revised, we will not do this until it is safe and necessary to do so.

With thanks, the Team at Jennifleurs