'Naked' Eco Selection

Introducing our new 'Naked' Eco-Friendly Floral Gift Range


Designed for those who would prefer to give a floral gift that minimises the impact on our environment, we have introduced a new floral bouquet focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging; while doing our upmost to maintain the convenience of receiving flowers in a pre-packaged water source. 

The box container is recycable cardboard, and the flowers are housed in a bio-degrable/recyclable sleeve which holds the water source. We are also mindful to reduce our use of plastic in this range; therefore, no cellophane or polyethelene will be used in the packaging of the design. Instead, the flowers are packed in a 'naked' natural style.

In order to try and encourage the use of seasonal varieites, which impact less on the environment, we are offering these designs in 'Spring' - 'Summer' - 'Autumn' - 'Winter' mixes of colours and varities. Of course you will have the option to order something outside of the current season, and we will focus on using a mix of varities that best suit that at the time.

While some may worry about the environmental impact of the Flower Industry, particularly in terms of distribution, energy use and the drain on nautral resources while growing flowers, our industry is one that has made some of the biggest steps forward in terms of sustainabilty and reducing the impact of its carbon footprint. For example:

  • The flower industry supports entire communities in developing countries such as Kenya, Costa Rica, Equador and Columbia. They provide stable employment for women, who make up 80% of the Worldwide Flower growing trade, and provide education for young people to better their lives in the future.
  • The growers increasingly take their environmental impact and sustainability more and more seriously. Industry accreditations and standards for this are often a requirement for selling into some distributers. This means growers are increasingly switching to renewable energy sources, reducing the use of fertilisers and pestisides and using natural water reclaimation methods to grow their flowers.
  • Most of the freight that brings flowers to Europe and onto the UK is carriage freight, meaning the flowers are included within the hold of passanger planes and trains that are already running. This means the carbon impact of flower distribution is somewhat off-set.

All designs in this range will be:

  • Bio-degradable/Recyclable
  • Free-from unecessary plastic packaging
  • Packaged with their own water source
  • Available in a range of colours and varieities