Coffin Top Swagging

*Only suitable for caskets made of Wicker, Seagrass, Rattan, Willow, Pandanus, Cane, Banana Leaf, and Bamboo. There must be accessable weaves in the Casket that can be used to attach the corsages*

Coffin Swagging with a matching Coffin Spray is by far the best way to dress an appropriate casket for a Funeral Service. At Jennifleurs we are pleased to offer the very personal service of dressing the the Casket ourselves on the morning of the Funeral Service. The Swagging itself is priced at £150, making up 18-22 indiviudal corsages. On the morning of the service two of our florists will attend the Funeral Directors and dress the casket appropriately. Arranging the flowers lasts around an hour, and the upmost care and respect is taken with your loved one while this takes place.

The Swaggings displayed here are appropriately matched with a Coffin Spray so that there is an overall harmony with the look of the two pieces together. While this page displays a few combinations, it is possible to select a 'Match with Coffin Top' option, when ordering a Coffin Top, and we will create similar garlands for the Coffin as pictured here, so that they tie in appropriately with the Coffin Spray you have selected.

*Due to the fact that Swagging requires two staff members, we are only able to offer one swagging service on any given day. It is therefore important to make arrangements for casket swagging as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment*