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Every product shown on the Jennifleurs website

has been produced by one of our experienced florists

and photographed by us here at Jennifleurs.

Please beware of unscrupulous websites

offering unrealistic product images

or "too good to be true" offers.

Always order with a reputable bricks and mortar florist

and never from a website without a

postal address or telephone number.

If in doubt give them a call before ordering

if they have little or no product knowledge

you are likely to be disappointed with your purchase

or be at risk of receiving nothing at all!

Delivery Information

Delivery Charges - Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the Delivery Charge?

The delivery charge differs depending on:

1.) The area you wish to have your flowers delivered to.
2.) Whether you would like a 'same-day' delivery.

We have three seperate charges for delivery depending on the area, and a 'same-day delivery' surcharge:

-Local Delivery - Anywhere within a 5 mile radius of our shop. This area is shown as the inner circle on the map below (click to enlarge). Anything within this area carries a £4.99 charge for delivery. 

-Near-Local Delivery - This charge applies to areas visable on the map within the second ring (click to enlarge). These generally lie up to 7.5 miles away from the shop.  Anything within this area carries a £7.50 charge for delivery. 

-Outlying Delivery - This charge applies to areas around 8-15 miles away from the shop ; such as Clacton-On-Sea, Frinton, Harwich, Sudbury, Coggeshall etc.  Anything within this area carries a £9.99 charge for delivery. The boundaries of our £9.99 delivery area are shown within the confines of the map (click to enlarge)

-Same Day Delivery - An extra £2.50 charge is added. (Explained below)

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Why is there a charge for same day deliveries?

-There are a number of reasons why we have decided to introduce a same-day charge for delivery:

1.)  New same-day orders may require the driver to add an additonal round that day, adding an additonal overhead cost to us.
2.)  Servicing new same day orders may mean delaying the make-up or delivery of flowers for those who have pre-ordered in advance. In fairness to these customers we feel it is fair to add an additonal charge for these late-stage 'convenience' orders.
3.)  Same day orders often use stock that have been pre-ordered for other specific items later in our schedule, requiring us to re-order them again. This incurs and additonal cost to us.

For 17 years we have chosen to absorb these additonal costs relating to servicing same day deliveries, however over time we have decided that on balance this is the fairest system to operate for customers who pre-ordered; and in an time when people have become accustomed to paying for the convenience of prioritised delvieries.

Can I ask for a timed delivery?

We cannot guarantee any timed deliveries on gift items for the following reasons:

1.) Our first priority is to ensure funeral flowers are delivered at the required times for the service. By guaranteeing times on gift deliveries we run the risk of either missing your time-slot, the funeral or both.

2.) In order to ensure that everyone receives their flowers at a reasonable time, our drivers must follow a planned route around Colchester. By guaranteeing times it would mean diverting from this route and delaying the flowers for those further along it. Therefore, in fairness to all customers along the route, we do not offer a timed delivery service.

3.) We are not responsible for external factors, such as roadworks, accidents, weather and traffic. Therefore, rather than facing these issues and risking disapointment, we are upfront with our customers in not guaranteeing times.

Howeverwhile no times can be guaranteed, we can do our best to fit your delivery to within an AM or PM preference, or a 'Late as Possible' request. These requests will be noted on the drivers list and they will do what they can to accomodate them wherever possible.

What happens if the person isn't at home?

As florists, we understand how important the 'surprise at the door' element of a floral gift is to our customers. Unlike couriered flowers, buying from local independent shop such as us gives you the best chance of realising this. However, circumstances mean this is not always possible to acheive.In the event that the recipient of the flowers is not at home, we will take the following actions in this order, were possible:

1.) If a telephone number for the recipient has been provided, we will call them to tell them 'we have a delivery for' them. This keeps the surprise and allows us to take their prefered action.

2.) We will try and leave the flowers in a safe location at the property, then leave a note through their door detailing the location where they were left. This means that if we missed the surprise at the door, that they can at least experience it when they return home.

3.) Where leaving them a safe location is not possible, we will ask a neighbour to take in the flowers for them, then leave a note through their door detailing the location where they were left. (*We have suspended this practice during the COVID-19 lockdown*)

4.) If all else fails, we will return them to the shop, after leaving note through their door requesting a call to arrange a re-delivery.

What does my delivery charge pay for?

While of course, the delivery charge primarily is necessary to pay for the running costs of making deliveries by road, such as vehicle costs and upkeep, insurance, fuel and supporting the cost of a full time driver, it also covers the administration of taking and preparing your order ready for delivery. At Jennifleurs, we have full-time administration staff dedicated to taking your order, writing card messages, quality control and customer service. Each and every order is important to us and is a reflection of us, therefore we take the time to ensure each aspect of your gesture has been checked over before it leaves the shop.

Do you deliver nationally or further afield?

Jennifleurs is a local independent family run business. We are not part of a relay service such as E-Florist or Interflora. Our aim is to serve our local customers to the best of our ability and to ensure the quality of our flowers remains consistently high wherever they are going. For this reason, we NEVER use a courier service to deliver our flowers to areas outside of our delivery range, as we cannot guarentee their quality in transport.

However, Jennifleurs is also recognised nationally for the quality of its funeral tributes, particularly bespoke designs. Therefore on some occasions, arrangements can be made to take funeral flowers further afield, as long as this remains economical for us to do so. Areas such as Southend, Braintree, Ipswich, Chelmsford and Brentwood are some of the areas where reasonable arrangements can be made.

For areas outside of this, it would necessitate us to hire an additional vehicle and additonal driver for the day and therefore would incur the cost of £1 per mile for the length of the round trip; for example, taking funeral flowers to North London would incur a cost of roughtly £100. For those wishing for deliveries to areas nationally, it may be economical for you to use this option if you are ordering serveral funeral peices with us. Indeed, using this option we have delivered flowers as far as Northampton, Hastings and Stoke-On-Trent.

If you are looking for gift flowers to be sent nationally, we can arrange for these orders to be sent to another local independent florist in the required area. The cost of this is £7.50 on top of the cost of the flowers you wish to have arranged.

Do you ever offer free delivery?

As has been noted on this page, there are inherent costs to operating a delivery service that mean we are not in a position to offer free delivery. However there are limited circumstances where we do not charge for delivery:

1.) The flowers you have ordered are for a funeral and are being delivered to a funeral director. We do not charge to these locations as on any given day, it is likely that we are already delivering to them before you have placed your order. We also often have several family members individually ordering pieces to go for the same service. As it would be aggregious for us to collect several delivery charges for the same trip, we offer this service for free.

2.) The delivery is within the boundaries of St Johns estate. If the address is on St Christopher Rd, St Johns Rd, St Cyrus Rd, Upland Drive or any of the adjoining roads within the estate, we do not charge for delivery, as the cost to us is minimal.

3.) At our discretion, if the cost of a single floral gift exceeds £100, we may offer free delivery.

Unfortunatly, there is no way to administrate this via our webshop, free deliveries can only be offered in these cirumstances if you call us directly.








Please be aware there are many online facilities for ordering flowers that are not always what they seem. Some are what are known in the trade as ‘order gatherers’ who will simply take huge commissions and courier a sub-standard product by post or through a third-party. Others will show elaborate and unrealistic pictures of what you might expect and the product you receive will bear no resemblance to what you think you have purchased. Some of the more famous names in flower sending can also be a disappointment. These famous brand names take huge commissions from the florists they pass orders on to and again this can lead to a very disappointing experience. NEVER order flowers from a company that does not show a telephone contact number or a mailing address, if you trust your order with these people and something goes wrong it will be extremely difficult to get it sorted out!

Ordering through a real florist shop like ourselves will ensure you get what you’ve paid for and will not see your important gesture spoilt by unscrupulous traders who have no product knowledge or expertise in selling, storing or delivering flowers. All the items pictured on our website have been produced by one of our florists at Jennifleurs and although it may be necessary to substitute seasonal or out of stock varieties the overall presentation of the item you choose will be as the picture. 

We deliver all our flower orders personally which means we are able to give you a status update if needed and follow any personal requirements you may have. If you have any concerns whatsoever you can simply give us a call and we will quickly be able to give first hand knowledge of your important order.

Same Day Flowers Colchester. Send Flowers to Colchester from your Colchester Florist Jennifleurs.

Same day flowers, next day flowers or future date flower delivered to Colchester by a real florist.